We have always focused our work on workshops in the Andean, native and poor areas of our country. Our goal is that job opportunities remain sustainable over time. For that reason, we consider that the economic empowerment of woman is crucial because they represent the backbone of family development. In the face of the technological innovations that we have pursued in our quest to please our customers, we have helped our artisans to keep up with the changes through training in new productive techniques and finance. In the year 2011 we started working more intensely in the rural-urban fringe of Lima. We started working with workshops in Huaycan, ATE-Vitarte, Canto Grande, Puente Piedra, Villa María del Triunfo and we are in the process of creating an ecological workshop in Villa Lourdes. Villa Lourdes is a magic area that attracted Dalila Gamara, CEO of Inkatraditions, with the charm of its people and the diversity of its microclimates. Inkatraditions has also visited Villa Lourdes with a Dutch NGO.


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