Respect Human Rights

We reinforce our commitment and link with human and labor rights recognized in national and international legislation, and with the principles on which the United Nations Global Compact is based.

  • The company does not accept any form of harassment or discrimination, whether by sex, religion, race, nationality, culture, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political choice.
  • The company recognizes the rights of people with disabilities. For this reason, it seeks to participate in national activities or events, and insert the people who belong to the national CONADIS registry.

Labor Practices

The company considers the occupational safety and health of employees as essential to achieve a comfortable and safe working environment. A priority objective is the permanent improvement of working conditions.

  • We carry out applicable preventive measures in occupational health and safety, and promote activities in safety conditions.


We are involved with the global sustainable fashion movement. We constantly train our collaborators, weavers and craftsmen, and turn them into agents committed to the environment.

  • We measure the processes and improve the environmental registry through preventive actions. We also disseminate and support environmental and social awareness.

Fair Operating Practices

We are against any kind of act of corruption and bribery. Any illegal or improper payment is prohibited in order to obtain personal benefits in the company.

  • We reject any act of corruption, bribery or action that entails the breach of our corporate duties.

Consumer Interests

Our activities have as a priority to contribute to the success of our clients. Because we know the global requirements, we include and prioritize the vision of the client in all our business processes, projects and negotiations.

  • We adopt ethical, social and environmental practices in our processes and work areas, to consolidate the trust of customers.

Supply Chain Responsibility

We are committed to establishing relationships based on ethical and fair professional practices with our suppliers and third parties, operating in a truthful, fair and corruption-free manner.

  • We assume the commitment to negotiate fair agreements with our partners, suppliers and competitors.
  • We are certified by PROMPERÚ’s Good Marketing and Manufacturing Practices program, which ensures optimum development in the production processes of our items.

Impact in local communities

We comply with our social commitments and commit ourselves to promote the sustainable development of the communities with which we interact, as well as to combat poverty and protect the environment.

  • We create and maintain respectful relationships with the communities with which we interact. We deal in a timely manner with aspects that may affect them.
  • We seek to establish relationships with entities that promote environmental care. To date, we belong to the NYC Fair Trade Coalition; Therefore, we are committed to strengthening our actions to develop and offer sustainable products and improve the quality of life of our artisans and weavers.
  • Since 2012, as a corporate social responsibility practice, we work through the Network of Women Entrepreneurs of Peru (RED MEP), an organization created by our company with the aim of empowering and training women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Good Governance

The company is committed to implementing actions that promote transparency in business management, to ensure effective management and valid control of our activities.

  • We guarantee internal and external transparency, maintaining the certification of Good Fair Trade Practices. We ensure fair trade principles with our collaborators, suppliers and customers.

Our mission

We satisfy the needs of clients that promote the concept of sustainability (sustainable fashion), healthy living, respect for the environment and support for global social responsibility, through unique products made by Peruvian artisans linked to innovative concepts with sustainable and integrated processes . We transcend as a company ensuring the continuity of interest groups, especially producers.

Our values

  • Responsibility: assume and fulfill the commitments acquired efficiently.
  • Respect: maintain harmony and good treatment in the work environment and with our clients
  • Innovation: be versatile in our proposal, designs and redesigns, to meet the requirements of our customers and adapt to new challenges in design and innovation using technology.
  • Passion: serving and working for a just and purposeful cause.